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March 18, 2015

Brad Styner, Dealer Principal

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It is my pleasure to endorse Andrew Jonsson to be the Dealer Principal of Airdrie Chrysler Dodge Jeep. As the current Dealer Principal and with over three decades in the industry I feel very confident in discussing his qualifications. Let me start by saying that I feel Andrew is one of the most talented and dedicated businessmen I have ever met. In particular, his perspective and insights in the retail automotive industry have resulted in massive growth and success for our dealership over the past three and a half years. If you look at our results and match them up with when he joined us you will see exactly what I mean. I would credit him with driving us from being a good dealership to a great dealership and I will provide specifics below. His business fundamentals and the degree to which he has immersed himself in our dealership and the industry makes him the perfect choice to lead this dealership into the future.
When we first brought Andrew into the dealership, it was to take over the CFO duties, to develop strategies for growth and profitability and to train a permanent CFO. It was apparent very quickly that he had the ability to transform our entire dealership and we knew very early on that he would be our choice whenever the time came to choose a new leader for our organization. Andrew began by immersing himself in every aspect of our dealership. He shadowed management and employees and observed the operations of every department and role in the dealership. He understands every department, how they fit to make a dealership run effectively and how to lead.
One of the first things Andrew did upon joining us was to run very thorough SWOT analysis meetings for every department and the company itself. Every key manager was involved with him in this process. Based on this, he developed one year and three year objectives and plans for every department. These get reviewed, revised and refined by Andrew and our management team every year. Several of the insights and opportunities that Andrew recognized and implemented right away were the following:

  • Our parts department was already successful but had the opportunity for explosive growth, particularly in terms of wholesale sales, accessory sales and tire sales. He developed a strategy to staff up in preparation for this growth and then to execute plans such as a stronger outside sales presence, increased winter tire marketing and a dedicated accessory area and sales team. The growth results in all of these areas has been massive.
  • Service had a great opportunity to expand and the most dramatic and immediate change could come from accessories. Andrew developed a plan to change our back building to a full blown accessory installation and spray in liner facility and then made it happen. Andrew also recognized the importance of measuring and monitoring the key service metrics on a daily basis and to use that as a foundation for long term growth and development. Our management team has a weekly report from Andrew monitoring every technician’s efficiency and every advisor’s sales and metrics. These are used as tools to train and improve.
  • The immediate thing that Andrew recognized in sales was the need for greater usage of technology and the need for a clearly defined process that combined sales skills with CRM tools, internet lead-handling and internet customer feedback. This focus and the resulting initiatives have led to a solid and clearly defined training program for our sales team, a full-time internet marketing presence, solid lead-handling processes and the highest Dealer Rater customer satisfaction ratings of any Jeep and Ram dealer in Canada for 2014.
  • Pay plan alignment has created an environment where all of our management team work towards each other’s success. Our accessory success and tire sales success are clear evidence of this. This was entirely Andrew’s initiative.
  • The daily dashboard reporting that Andrew created from scratch has our team knowing where they stand in all key metrics every single day from a sales, expense and profit standpoint. This increased awareness and accountability has been key to our success.

I could continue on with the initiatives and effectiveness that Andrew has helped drive, but I think you get the picture. I would welcome your call should you wish to discuss further but I will end by saying that Andrew has my complete endorsement and is completely qualified for this role. He will be an outstanding Dealer Principal.
Brad Styner
Dealer Principal
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October 31, 2013

Cam Clark, Dealer Principal

The Cam Clark Group engaged the services of Calgary CFO Consulting Services over the past twelve months as our interim-CFO. Andrew Jonsson was tasked to assist the CEO in evaluating underperforming areas of the business and provide recommendations for improvement. In addition, Andrew provided sound financial leadership to our Accounting Department during a period of significant transformation and growth.
Andrew has consistently demonstrated an ability to surpass expectations and has added tremendous value during his tenure.
I would highly recommend Calgary CFO Consulting Services to any organization requiring strategic and finance function support.
Cam Clark
Dealer Principal
Cam Clark Ford Airdrie
 Calgary CFO's - Airdrie Dodge Chrysler Jeep

June 8, 2012

Brad Styner, Dealer Principal

Eight months ago, Airdrie Dodge Jeep engaged the services of Andrew Jonsson to be our interim CFO. Our goal was to transition from a long-term, old school accounting system to a modern, well-trained accounting department and CFO. We sought both CFO training and Business Consulting services from Mr. Jonsson. Below are several specifics, but our results have been nothing short of amazing.
In his role as interim CFO, Andrew completely modernized our accounting procedures, brought an air of confidence to the department and instituted a series of procedures, checks and balances that has our accounting department working, by far, the best it has in our history. His ability to analyze data and use it to improve business is outstanding. We now have an accounting department that has great analysis tools, bullet-proof procedures and fast, accurate reporting.
Andrew took an accounting department that didn’t even use Excel spreadsheets, and a new CFO with no previous experience in the role, to a confident and efficient department that would rival the best accounting departments of any dealership in Canada. They have the ability to create insightful reports, give solid advice and execute the necessary daily, monthly and yearly procedures at least twice as quickly as they have ever been done in the past.
I have trouble expressing my degree of gratitude to Mr. Jonsson for his incredible insight into best practices in business and the improvements he has helped me implement in our business. We have always been considered a successful business and thought we were doing just fine. Thanks to Andrew’s analysis, dashboard reporting approach, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence, our eyes have been opened. Despite feeling that 2011 was a successful year, we will surpass those full year results in June of this year. This is entirely attributable to the business insights of Mr. Jonsson and his great ability to find inefficiencies and improvement opportunities.
Whether your goal is to have the most competent interim CFO available, to train a new controller or CFO, or to have business consulting to make your business the most professional and profitable it can be, I would unequivocally recommend Mr. Andrew Jonsson of Calgary CFO Consulting Services. I would be open to phone or email inquiries from anyone requesting further information.
Brad Styner
Dealer Principal
Airdrie Dodge Jeep
Calgary CFO's - Airdrie Dodge Chrysler Jeep

May 24, 2012

Jolayne Leger, CFO

Over the past eight months we have retained the services of Andrew Jonsson with Calgary CFO Consulting Services. Our business was undergoing significant changes with the retirement of our Dealer Principal and Controller each with over forty years of service. We realized that in order to make this transition our company would require the assistance of an outside company, and that is when we decided, after looking at many options, that Calgary CFO Consulting Services and Andrew Jonsson were the best fit for our organization.
Throughout the past eight months Andrew has far exceeded our expectations and allowed us to restructure and grow our company faster and with minimal disruption. I have personally worked with him throughout this time, to transition into the role of CFO and found him to be a great mentor, his accounting knowledge and ability to simplify and teach has been invaluable. He has created easy to use dashboards for each department of our business, allowing us to see exactly where we stand each day and where to focus our attention. Aside from the dashboards, Andrew has also created other documents and spreadsheets to assist us in monitoring, running, and growing our business while saving us hours of work that we can now use to better focus on our day to day operations.
While our main focus was restructuring the entire accounting side of our business, through Andrew’s knowledge and the depth with which he looked into our business, every area within our organization has been positively impacted by the insight we have gained to help run more efficiently and increase profitability. Within the first week of Andrew being with us it was obvious that we had made the right choice and now because of the knowledge he has given us and tools he has created for us we are way ahead of where we would have been without his services.
Airdrie Dodge Jeep will definitely continue to call upon the services of Calgary CFO Consulting, to assist in growing our business and help us through any future transitions. As well, we would highly recommend Andrew Jonsson of Calgary CFO Consulting Services to any organization wanting to grow their business and realize the opportunities that they may be overlooking.
If you would like to discuss this letter please feel free to contact me at (403)948-2600 or email me at: jolayne
Jolayne Leger

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